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Pallet Cleanser

Belonging to my '(Host)ile' project

The etymology of pallet is from "mattress”, late 14c., paillet "bed or mattress of straw; small, simple bed" from Anglo-French paillete "straw, bundle of straw".

The use of a pallet and the materials' quality jokingly references Ikea's poorly manufactured flat pack furniture, instructions or lack of, and their failed attempts at building flat pack style homes for refugee camps, where the money could have been given directly to those people instead.

I noticed in cities such as Bristol (UK) and Berlin (Germany), that it is commonplace to see pallets used as a bed frame by the middle class whilst also as a mattress by rough sleepers.

I questioned the contrast of fashion or taste, with desperation or necessity in regards to the juxtaposition of these two common uses by displaying a pallet in the style of flatpack furniture. Something that is usually bought when moving into a seemingly stable home or environment, whilst also referencing the current Cost of Living Crisis.

Ironically, despite Ikea being known for its low-cost and poor quality, a 2011 study found that subjects were willing to pay 63% more for furniture they had assembled themselves than for equivalent pre-assembled items.

This is known as the IKEA effect. A cognitive bias in which consumers place a disproportionately high value on products they partially created. 

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