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Whilst at Falmouth University, I noticed how throughout my sculptural and two-dimensional work that geometry was subconsciously evident.

I portray hand-drawn illustrations in geometric forms that have been influenced from something I find fascinating in the world, such as tribal symbols, ancient alphabets, symbols of belief and the beauty of the natural world.

The more natural illustration I create was inspired from roots, rivers, brain coral, woodgrain, thunder and lightning.

I feel art should be aesthetically pleasing and also convey deeper thought.


Interview With Art Habens, 2020. 

Online Publication at Florence Contemporary Gallery, Pages 136-137, 2020.

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Publication in A5 Magazine, September 2019.

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Publication in Average Art Magazine, September 2019.

E-zine on Wake Up Screaming, 2018.

Interview With Doze Collective, 2016.

Interview With Indie Magazine, 2015.

Interview With Heloise Faure, 2015.

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