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I am a conceptual visual artist driven by the pursuit of connections between seemingly unrelated objects. Fusing geology and detritus with elements of urban design. I uncover the concealed narratives of racism, migration, and the pressing climate crisis.

Found objects, often disregarded and overlooked in their mundanity, serve as both my medium and my muse. In their overlooked state, they echo the voices of those marginalised, much like the experiences of racism and refugees. Just as those seeking new life elsewhere strive for renewal, I aim to breathe new life by utilising suggestive spots the unique pieces have to offer and altering them in a way that makes the sculptures more playful and my approach less narrow-minded.

I portray hand-drawn illustrations in geometric forms that have been influenced by something I find fascinating in the world, such as tribal symbols, ancient alphabets, symbols of belief and the beauty of the natural world, and for these reasons wish to share these more obscure and perhaps unknown esoteric symbols and the like, with a wider general audience.

The more natural illustration I create was inspired from roots, rivers, brain coral, woodgrain and thunder and lightning, whilst the crosshatching pattern is inspired from architecture and the materials used in urban environments.

I believe art should be aesthetically pleasing and convey deeper thought.


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Interview With Heloise Faure, 2015. (Password Berlin2015.)

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