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Kintsugi Golden Ratio (Triangle)

I’ve been struggling with this idea that perfectionism means professionalism. I felt confused with my principles of drawing by hand with the finish of a functional machine. I kept getting annoyed at spray dust and imperfect lines, etc.

I have begun redrawing the golden ratio series with the combination of the ethics of kintsugi, which in Japanese art is mending ceramics areas of breakage. Thus highlighting flaws instead of covering them. I felt I needed to do this for myself and my work to break my own rigid boundaries. I really appreciate the irony of using golden ratio examples that are valued for the divine proportions with the combo of kintsugi.

Recently I noticed how I said I was lazy with the illustrating part. But then I thought to myself that I actually want to enjoy the process of my making and I have attention difficulties and did suffer a stroke during my illustrative development, so thought that actually, enlarging sizes or altering production techniques that I made up is totally okay. So for this reason I left out any trace of a spiral, as the ratio means the proportions. I used the cross hatching and natural illustrative styles as the golden ratio is found amongst nature and in architectural designs, which is where both illustrative styles have roots in.

Each golden ratio example will have segments related to their shapes number.

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