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Detritus II

After getting a 2nd hand bike frame powder coated then realising I couldn't actually use it I decided to do my own version of Duchamp's bicycle wheel.

I thought it would be amusing somehow to construct my own version of one of the world's most famous readymades, particularly as it was an error on my part. After collecting a stool from a local bar, I shortened the legs, spray painted it black and decided to combine my illustration and sculpture together by painting around the rim of the table.

There was an indent in the centre of the stool that when drilled was perfect for feeding the cable through. I like working with suggestive spots in my sculpture where I can alter them in a way that makes the piece more playful and my approach less narrow minded.

Continuing with the modular idea, I made it so the forks can be removed easily and put back again like so if the need to move arises.

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