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Detritus I

I found this pipe in the workshop where I work and was originally drawn to the aged surface and slightly bent shape. However, I started to question how far removed I could take an object from its found state. I had been holding onto the buoy for a while and noticed it had a circle etched into its surface where it could be drilled to form a lampshade if cut in half. I enjoy making use of what found objects have to offer, this is something vital with my sculptures.

I've always had this thing with my artwork where I feel that it's almost there professionally but not quite, with this in mind I decided to spray paint the pipe black to keep it contemporary and I welded on tabs so it could be wall mounted.

I really love the concept of making one-off flat pack and modular systems from found objects. So with this piece the neck can be turned from left to right and can be removed for easier and safer transportation.

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